3278 Mile 9 N

Mercedes, TX 78570

Founded by Rev. Roy Metzger and Ruth Metzger in 1959Currently being ran by their Grandson Cap Steve Cody II along with his wife Lupita Cody, their children and volunteers.

Our Mission is to Show the love of Christ by Feeding people Physically and Spiritually!!  

Rev. Roy Metzger and Wife Ruth Metzger

These are the Original Founders of "Voice of Christianity Mission".  

Voice of Christianity is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization located in Mercedes, TX.

Voice of Christianity was originally started in 1959. The organization was initiated by the late Revernd Roy and Ruth Metzger who came to South Texas from New York in 1959 with 5 children to serve the Lord. They set up in Downtown Brownsville, and helped families on both sides of the Rio Grande River. Here is a search from the Secretary of State showing it was registered in June of 1965. Steve Cody grew up helping his Grandparents Roy and Ruth Metzger as he grew up. They taught him to love and care for everyone as Christ does. When his Grandparents left to their eternal home in Heaven, he knew in his heart that he was to continue their work in South Texas. His wife and him continued to operate Voice of Christianity Missions. Due to the complexity of obtaining a 501c3 status they operated under the wing of a church. In 2020 they formed a board with other members of the community who also had the desire to help families on both sides of the river, and they filed for a 501c3 status. Prior to that while working under the wing of their church they helped families in Laguna Heights, and Lower Laguna Madre area as they were living in South Padre Island, TX. They helped start a youth center in Laguna Heights where school children would attend after school activities. They would feed the kids, tutor those that needed tutoring, help the children with their homework, and have a Bible Study class. After their learning time, the children would participate in community games right before it was time to return them back home. More members of the Church that they were working with started getting involved with helping the people from Laguna Heights and bought a house there to continue working with children and offer other services. About that time the Lord led the Cody’s to Mercedes, Tx.  They didn’t know why but they obeyed and moved with their 4 children to Mercedes, Tx. While there in Mercedes they realized that there was a great need for food, clothes, and other items to help the community. So, this is when they applied for their own 501c3 status with a few members of the community. Once they received the IRS certification, they applied with the USDA in order to gather food in order to provide for the less fortunate. To date they pick up and deliver healthy, much needed food boxes and distribute them out to needy families. After the USDA ended their program, they started going to McAllen, Tx to pick up food that they could get donated and bring it back and pass it out to less fortunate families. They have also acquired a relationship with a bread company who donates bread to them on a regular basis.  Here are some Pictures of the Food boxes being passed out at their headquarters in Mercedes, TX along with some of the volunteers who deliver food to families that are not able to pick up their boxes. During Christmas they add other essential items to the boxes in addition to food. For High school and Jr High kids they make shoe boxes with goodies and health care items. For smaller children they make Christmas Stockings. Here are some Pictures of them organizing the donations and making the gift boxes and stockings as well as Delivery of these items. In addition to assisting the less fortunate with food and other necessities, they gather the children and other family members and coordinate to take them out to visit Lights at the Zoo, Hidalgo Christmas Light Show and even Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa Clause. Some of these children would never have the opportunity to go to these places if it wasn’t for volunteers helping and the support of their Donors.  They believe in giving back to their local Community. Another thing they are doing is a Youth Outreach Program at Voice of Christianity Ranch, where the kids have a place to come and care for an animal and work the ranch and learn to work with wood and tools. This keeps the kids off the streets, out of gangs, and all at the same time teaches them responsibility and puts the children in charge of feeding and caring for their own farm animals. They have chickens, pigs, and horses that have to be fed, and a shelter built for them.  Due to their very limited budget, they have been working with reclaimed wood that they get from fences being taken down or old pallets. Volunteers also take out the youth to do yard work and help needy families. Sometimes it might be fixing a fence that falls down or just yard work of elderly or handicap individuals. Finally, as you can see, they have a constant need for supporters. Whether you donate Money, or goods, rest assured that it will be used to support the local community, and appreciated by everyone.

They can be Verified on Guidstar.org by searching Voice of Christianity.

The Cody Family

To the far left you will see Captain Steve, Then his Wife Lupita, Their youngest son Max up in front in the light blue shirt, Next to Max is Audrey in the Red Sweater.  Behind Max and Audrey is Ryan, Then all the way to the right is their oldest Son Steve III, and his wife Virginia to the right of him.  


To donate you can send Cash, Checks, Money Orders or items to 3278 Mile 9 N, Mercedes, TX 78570.   If you would like your donation to go to a specific ministry please note it with your donation, Otherwise we will use your donation where it is most needed at.  You can also use the Links Below to Donate thru Givelify or Paypal.